Children's scooter BOO - our bamboo scooter on the way to green mobility

Holzroller , Bambusroller, Kinderroller, Kids scooter, Bamboo scooter, wooden scooter

The topic of environmental protection and sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in our everyday lives in times of steadily progressing climate change. More and more people are realizing that we have to adapt our lifestyle to the changed conditions. Mobility is one of many building blocks with which each of us can do something to combat climate change. The environmental awareness among the population is increasing, so that the car is no longer the first choice for getting around, especially in cities and town centres. Rather, many people want affordable and, above all, resource-saving mobility options.

Our Kids Scooter combines these requirements perfectly. After all, children and adults can get from A to B with a kick scooter or scooter in an environmentally friendly way and particularly quickly. If parents demonstrate this behavior to their children at a young age, the children will, as a matter of course, later reach for a scooter instead of getting into the car. 

Holzroller , Bambusroller, Kinderroller, Kids scooter, Bamboo scooter, wooden scooter, Active kids

With our wooden scooters from Croozaboo, we have not only created a sustainable children's scooter made of natural materials such as bamboo and wood, but at the same time we are introducing the children to green mobility and thus to a rethinking in society.

Who is taking part and also making a small contribution to the energy transition?